flat1 [flat]
flatter, flattest [ME < ON flatr, akin to OHG flaz < IE * plāt, plēt-, wide, flat (> Gr platys, broad, OE flet, floor) < base * plā-, broad]
1. having a smooth, level surface; having little or no depression or elevation
a) lying extended at full length
b) spread out smooth and level
3. touching at as many points as possible [with his back flat against the wall]
a) having little depth or thickness; broad, even, and thin
b) having a flat heel or no heel [flat shoes]
5. designating or having an almost straight or level trajectory or flight
6. absolute; positive [a flat denial]
7. not variable; fixed [a flat rate, a flat tax]
a) without much business activity [a flat market]
9. having little or no sparkle or taste; insipid [a flat drink]
10. having little or no interest; monotonous; dull
11. not clear or full; blurred [a flat sound ]
12. emptied of air [a flat tire ]
13. Informal completely without money; penniless
14. without gloss [flat paint]
15. Art
a) lacking relief, depth, or perspective
b) uniform in tint or shade
16. Gram.
a) not having the sign to: said of an infinitive: Ex.: go in “make it go”
b) not having an inflectional ending: said esp. of certain adverbs: Ex.: he drove fast
17. Music
a) lower in pitch by a half step [D-flat (D♭)]
b) out of tune by being below the true or proper pitch
18. Phonet. designating the vowel a when it represents the sound (a) as in had or hat, articulated with the tongue in a relatively level position
19. Photog. lacking in contrast
flatter, flattest
1. in a flat manner; flatly (in various senses)
2. in a prone or supine position
a) exactly; precisely [to run a race in ten seconds flat]
b) bluntly; abruptly [she left him flat ]
4. Finance with no interest
5. Music below the true or proper pitch
1. a flat surface or part [the flat of the hand, of a sword, etc.]
2. [often pl.] an expanse of level land
3. a low-lying marsh
4. a shallow; shoal
5. any of various flat things; specif.,
a) a shallow box or container, as for growing seedlings
b) short for FLATCAR
c) a piece of theatrical scenery on a flat frame
d) a deflated tire
e) [pl.] women's flat-heeled shoes or slippers
6. Football the area flanking either end of the offensive line
7. Music
a) a note or tone one half step below another
b) the sign (♭) indicating such a note
flatted, flatting
Music to make flat; lower a half step
to sing or play below the true or proper pitch
fall flat
to fail in the desired effect; be completely unsuccessful
flat out Informal
1. at full speed, with maximum effort, etc.
2. clear(ly); definite(ly)
flat2 [flat]
[altered < Scot dial. flet (ME & OE flet), a floor (of a dwelling): see FLAT1]
Chiefly Brit. an apartment or suite of rooms on one floor of a building

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